Saturday 4 January 2014


I am now going to be utilising my Wordpress blog, which until now has only been used as a website.

For what I want to do with my site and blog, Wordpress offers the best options and I have spent some time coming to grips with that site over the last year. There is a long way to go but I won't get any further until I start using it.

I have imported this blog over to Wordpress and you will find everything here over there.

Now the IMPORTANT bit.

There are certain contests I host here on this blog that require a minimum of 50 followers of the blog before you can join in.  It took me ages to get the figures up to that point so I could participate and moving my blog to Wordpress means I am having to start over.

At the moment I have just two followers at my Wordpress site/blog.

If you are following my blog here, please consider following it there too so that I can hopefully continue to participate in those contests and giveaways that require a minimum number of followers.

Wordpress Site & Blog